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Australian Governance Summit 2019

Follow as Australia’s top business leaders and AICD members talk corporate governance, culture and innovation.

Why diversity creates a more successful company

  /     /     07:30
"Gathering a diverse group of people brings in diverse thinking" 

Former ABC boss weighs in on broadcaster’s future

     /      07:04
Ita Buttrose will be "formidable", says Mark Scott.  

How a company can change its culture

     /      09:55
It's time to get out of the boardroom, says AMP director Ming Long.  

What good companies can learn from bad ones

     /      08:48
Are banks the canary in the coal mine? 

Why big data is like teenage sex

     /      16:28
Business leader Ann Sherry bursts the bubble.  

Are customers about to become kings?

     /      04:29
KPMG chair shares the shifting sentiment.  

How companies need to change after the royal commission

     /      12:54
"Those who disrespect the regulators are fools" 

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