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Former NAB exec investigated over $113m travel scandal

NAB staff enjoyed luxury trips to Dubai and Fiji.

Jack Derwin

Digital Journalist, Your Money

The former chief of staff to NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn is being investigated by New South Wales police over $113 million worth of corporate travel provided to the bank by corporate events company the Human Group.

Your Money chief business reporter Leo Shanahan, who broke this latest development, told TICKY that the bank accounts of Rosemary Rogers, who worked for top NAB  executives, have been frozen today.

“There were raids in April this year on the Human Group. This is a group that provided corporate services, corporate retreat and travel services to NAB, and what police are investigating… is whether there were bribes given for The Human Group to maintain contracts,” Shanahan explained.

“Now I can reveal this evening that Rosemary Rogers’ bank accounts at the NAB have been frozen under an order by the New South Wales Crime Commission,” he added.

The $113 million at the heart of the investigation was paid to the Human Group for first-class trips over ten years, including a helicopter trip into an oasis in Dubai and a luxury holiday in Fiji.

“You’ve got two major issues here, one is corporate largesse at the bank and the other is a criminal issue,” Shanahan said.

However, he clarified that no charges have been laid against Rogers or anyone else at this stage.

“She has not been charged, and I should reiterate there have been no charges laid against Ms. Rogers and we’re not suggesting that she has engaged in any wrongdoing, only that she is being investigated.,” Shanahan said.

“There is [also] no suggestion that Andrew Thorburn is being investigated at all or is a suspect in any of this.”

Watch the full interview above, or read the article Leo Shanahan wrote for The Australian breaking the story. 

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