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Govt re-election pitch hinges on economy

ScoMo confirms Australia heads to the polls on May 18.

Jack Derwin

Digital Journalist, Your Money

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ended weeks of speculation, officially calling the federal election for May 18.

Speaking from Government House on Thursday, where Morrison asked Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove to trigger an election, the PM said it would be an election on the economy.

“Keeping our economy strong is how we secure your future and your family’s future. Keeping our economy strong ensures we can secure your wage [and] your job,” Morrison said.

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Building on the budget his government handed down last week, Morrison reaffirmed his pitch to voters and the necessity of the next government to keep building on Australia’s 28 years of continuous growth.

“We will be able to guarantee the increased funding for the essential services that Australias rely on – schools, hospitals, medicines, roads – all guaranteed by a stronger economy,” he said.

Watch the Prime Minister’s address above and visit our election page for more coverage. 

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