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Federal energy minister rebuffs criticism from states

Angus Taylor speaks to TICKY after an explosive COAG meeting.

Environmental policy added to the Liberal Party’s internal tensions on Wednesday as federal and state ministers came to loggerheads on carbon emissions.

In an exclusive interview with Your Money’s Ticky Fullerton following the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting, federal energy minister Angus Taylor said the Morrison government is on track to meet the emissions reduction target, dismissing suggestions that the issue is low on the agenda.

“We released numbers earlier this week showing that we’ll reach a 26 per cent emissions reduction target which is scheduled for 2030, we’re going to reach it in early 2020s,” he said.

The defence follows scathing commentary by fellow Liberal Don Harwin, who is NSW energy minister.

Harwin made headlines Wednesday with an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review which claimed the federal government is out of touch on energy and climate policy.

“Today we’re putting emissions reduction back onto the table where it should be, we need a circuit breaker,” said Harwin in the piece.

Harwin had suggested that the government was out of touch with the reality that price and reliability is less of an issue for voters compared to the problem of emissions and climate change.

Ahead of the COAG meeting, Harwin suggested the Feds should now be looking to add an emissions element to their price and reliability commitment.

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