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Julie Bishop talks quotas, elections and life after politics

Your Money's Ticky Fullerton speaks to the former foreign minister for International Women's Day.

In an exclusive interview at the Australian British Chamber of Commerce’s International Women’s Day event in Sydney, outgoing Liberal MP and former foreign minister Julie Bishop spoke to Your Money presenter Ticky Fullerton.

Bishop will end a political career that has spanned more than two decades at the next election after announcing her resignation from Federal Parliament in February.

She became the latest in a string of high-profile ministers ready to depart, including Defence Minister Christopher Pyne, Defence Industry Minister Steve Ciobo and Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer.

Bishop maintains, however, that the Federal Government will emerge victorious from the May election.

“I would have been more concerned about leaving if I thought we were going to lose the next election,” she told Fullerton.

In a wide-ranging interview, Bishop shared her thoughts on Brexit and Boris Johnson, gender quotas and the Coalition’s alleged ‘women problem’, as well as her plans after politics.

Watch the full interview above 

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