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Flight-booking website collapse leaves thousands stranded

What are consumers' rights in this situation?

Jack Derwin

Digital Journalist, Your Money

BestJet, a Queensland-based airline booking company, went into voluntary administration in December 2018, leaving many Australian customers badly out of pocket.

Thousands of Australians who had outstanding bookings with the company have been told they have no tickets and are now left arguing with multiple parties trying to secure a refund.

“In this case, there’s a lot of finger-pointing about who is liable,” consumer advocate Christopher Zinn told¬†Your Money Live.¬†

“Is it BestJet? Is it the airline ticket consolidator who they work with? Is it the airline? Who has refunded what to whom? The consumer is really left confused by all of this.”

While disgruntled consumers are still entitled to compensation, according to Zinn, many insurance companies appear to have already refused claims in this instance making it a time-consuming path to now receive a refund.

“This thing is in administration. As a consumer, you’re an unsecured creditor [and] you’re at the end of a line,” he explained.

However, there are options, particularly if your tickets may be covered by credit card insurance.

“If it was me, I’d be contacting the credit card company, [and] I would be contacting the ACCC and Fair Trade in Queensland to register a complaint,” Zinn said.

“There are apparently some airlines are making some kind of restitution if you have a fare number,” he added.

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