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Want to get paid to shop? Here’s how you do it

This is not a drill.

Thousands of Australians are shopping and making a few bucks while doing it, thanks to a local tech start-up.

Snooper founder Laurie Wespes explained to Your Money Live how it works.

“It’s very simple. Snooper is an app that pays shoppers to collect data in-store and share these insights with their favourite brands and retailers,” she said. “The only thing you have to do is download the app and start ‘a mission.'”

“A mission is a short survey where you answer a few questions in store, take a couple of photos and then you get money while you do your shopping,” Wespes added.

She says Snooper has already attracted brands like Heineken, Coca-Cola, Mars, and Ferrero to come on board and now has more than 35,000 shoppers registered in Australia.

Watch the full interview above.