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Here’s how you can buy a brewery for just $100

Talk about a pint-sized investment.

Jack Derwin

Digital Journalist, Your Money

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While it may be a fantasy of many, the dream of buying a brewery (or at least part of one) is actually within reach.

Endeavour Brewing Company, the minds behind the Endeavour Tap Room in Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay, are plotting international expansion and are giving ordinary Australians the chance to own some of the action.

Launching a crowdfunding campaign on online platform Equitise last month, founder Ben Kooyman is looking for up to $3 million in investment, allowing Australians to get in for as little as $100.

“They get full ordinary shares, they’ve got access to future dividends if we decide to issue them, and future proceeds if we sell the company,” Kooyman told Your Money Live when the campaign launched.

Although what’s perhaps more exciting (read: delicious) for beer-lovers is that investors automatically become part of Endeavour’s “Brew Crew”.

“Instantly when we launch our e-store in March, they’ll get discounts online buying our beer…they’ll get a bit of merchandise, first access to any new releases and we’ll also do an investor-only brew each year,” Kooyman explained.

“Instead of having an AGM, we’ll do an annual general mashing. We’ll get all the investors together and create a special beer for them.”

With a little over a month left on the crowdfunding round, general manager Mark Cowie told YourMoney.com.au that they have had a “fantastic” response from beer drinkers all over the country.

“We’re already at 80% of our minimum subscription target [and] with over 30 days still to go, we are really excited about attracting more and more investors before we close the campaign on 13 February,” Cowie said.

The brewing company, which uses exclusively Australian ingredients, has come a long way since its foundation.

Started in 2010 with the help of 35 family members and friends, Endeavour is now sold right around Australia.

With the new investment it’s now eyeing development of a much bigger brewery as well as expansion into Asia.

Watch the full interview with Ben Kooyman above.

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