Home Lifestyle Are office Christmas parties too risky?

Are office Christmas parties too risky?

Employers can't manage the 'kick on'.

Jack Derwin

Digital Journalist, Your Money

Employers are spending more and more money putting on the end-of-year office parties, but are they too much of a HR risk?

After Australian retailer Myer announced it had cancelled its Christmas party this year, workplace lawyer Joydeep Hor told Your Money Live it is becoming challenging for employers to keep a handle on them.

“What we see now is that most of the issues that happen don’t actually happen on the dancefloor of the Christmas party, if I could put it that way, but tend to happen when a group of people ‘kick on’,” Hor said.

“That’s not something the employer can control even though they try to,” he added.

He said however there were three ways in which employers could ensure events went smoothly and didn’t become a headache for HR on Monday.

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