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Could Australia lose its Chinese tourism market?

Your Money reporter Camille Bianchi delved in our evolving tourism industry.

Last year alone, around nine million people visited Australia to spend around $42 billion dollars – a quarter of which can be attributed to Chinese visitors.

About 1.4 million Chinese visitors arrived last year, and that number is expected to triple by 2026.

Chinese travellers also spend about two to three times more on average than international travellers, making the Chinese market particularly valuable to our tourism industry.

But according to the Australia-China Business Council, those visitors, and their wallets, are in danger of going elsewhere.

Last year, the council delivered Australia a ‘China Readiness Score’ of just 64 out of 100.

Lack of transport, wifi and in-language signage was named by Chinese visitors as just some of the key areas Australia needs to improve on, according to research from the council.

Your Money reporter CamilleĀ Bianchi investigates in the video above.

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