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Here are the coolest gadgets from the world’s biggest tech show

Five of the most talked-about products of CES 2019.

From the weird and whacky to life-changing and innovative, thousands of new products were unveiled at the world’s biggest annual tech show in Las Vegas.

Every January, tech companies from around the globe converge on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, to show off their newest gadgets.

This year’s event featured a vast array of new products, from foldable phones to virtual reality headsets to a diaper that detects when it needs to be changed.

As usual, many of the products offered a glimpse into what the future might look like, such as the Nexus air taxi or the Royole Flexpai, the world’s first flexible smartphone.

Others, like Volta’s facial recognition cat bowl, fits more into the bizarre category.

Tech journalist Trevor Long of EFTM joined Your Money Live from the ground at CES to review some of the most talked about products on display.

Here are five of the best:

A foldable television

Imagine a television that can roll away like a garage door when you no longer need it.

LG’s latest 4K Signature Oled TV stole the show last week after revealing a paper thin (2mm) screen that’s so flexible it can roll away on command. Voice command, of course.

The 65-inch TV sits on a Dolby Atmos sound bar which also houses the TV when it’s not rolled into a ball.

The company says the new model will be available later this year, but while there’s no word yet on the cost, no one’s expecting it to come cheap.

A flying car

You may have seen Uber’s announcement last year that it soon plans to solve our traffic woes by moving customers around the city via air travel.

Exactly how they plan to do that has now been revealed, with Bell Helicopter’s flying Nexus Air taxi – a machine that is part helicopter, part drone part plane.

The vehicle has six large rotors which rotate for both vertical take-off and horizontal flight and they can seat up to five passengers including the driver.

It might seem fantastical now, but Uber named Australia as one of its target countries to launch the new air taxis, and it wants to make the vehicles available for commercial use by 2024.

Mini home brewery

Forget capsule coffee machines, the next kitchen must-have appliance could be a pod home-brewery system.

LG’s automated home brewing system is self-cleaning, self-sterilising and compact enough to fit in your kitchen.

But while its similar to capsule coffee machines, the resulting cup is far less quick. After adding the capsules, it takes two weeks to brew around five litres of beer.

So far, there’s been mixed reviews.

“There’s been a 50/50 response to this. Five litres isn’t enough for two weeks and the other one is, that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard of,” Long told Your Money Live.

A smartwatch that knows how you feel

Garmin may have just found the answer to road rage, with a new smartwatch that can tell when you’re feeling stressed.

The smartwatch maker Garmin has teamed up with the parent company of Mercedes Benz Daimler AG to create a smartwatch that feeds your vital information to your car for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Frayed nerves? The Vívoactive 3 watch can switch on your favourite song or the car seat massager.

Or, if you’re feeling overheated or chilled, the watch will also adjust the car’s temperature to suit. Talk about luxury travel.

Electric racing car

With electric cars set to dominate the future, car companies are pulling out the big shots to prove they have what it takes.

The Mercedes-Benz answer to this is the EQ Silver Arrow concept car, a one-seater sportscar that runs entirely on electricity.

While very much a vision of the future, the car pays homage to the company’s Silver Arrow racing car of the 1930’s, claiming to deliver on both performance and luxury.

Check out the video above to get a peek at the model.

For more coverage of CES 2019 watch Your Money’s James Daggar-Nickson commentary in a walkthrough of the exhibition floor. 

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