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How Aussie udder cream became a global hit

Cream of the crop.

Senior Digital Journalist, Your Money

Two decades ago Craig Jones was an air force pilot and skincare was the last thing he thought he’d get involved in.

Today he runs MooGoo, a globally renowned skincare company that specialises in catering to sufferers of eczema and other skin irritations with more than 40 products on the market.

But Jones’ journey into skincare happened almost by accident through a trial and error of different products to help ease his mother’s psoriasis and later his wife’s itchy scalp.

“It sounds sort of trivial, a skin problem…But skin problems are incredibly distressing,” he told Your Money Live.

Jones’ mother had tried everything to cure her psoriasis, including an udder balm that farmers used on cows.

“So I tried to make a better version of that that was more easy for her to wear,” he explained.

He used a combination of udder cream and other natural ingredients to make a product that actually worked.

After that success he thought he’d try his hand in helping his wife, who had such an itchy scalp she would go to bed wearing cling wrap on her head, to stop herself from scratching.

“I thought I was a genius at this stage…So I started making a shampoo for her, and that went badly. It made it worse for about six months,” he explained.

“And then all of a sudden it got much better and the shampoo is now our second best-selling product.”

Later friends and family convinced him to try selling the product in stores and helped him to market the brand for sale in a couple of pharmacies.

“12 years later we’re in 3,500 health stores and pharmacies in Australia and exporting to about eight different countries. So it’s been a hell of a journey, really,” Jones said.

Today the company relies mostly on word of mouth to market its products, a strategy which saw the company grow by more than 40 per cent last year.

Last year the company saw sales spike after viral ‘before and after’ images were published in UK newspapers by a British schoolteacher who claimed MooGoo had cured her of the painful condition that afflicted her face.

Those images were widely shared across dozens of traditional and social media platforms with new stories added by others who’d also found success with the brand’s products.

Jones says the company was able to capitalise on that growth and they’re now considering global expansion.

But if he has one regret, it might be the MooGoo brand itself.

“I wish I’d thought a little bit more about the name,” he said. “But at that stage it wasn’t a serious thing.”

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Editor’s note: This video segment was first broadcast 8 April 2019.

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