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How to fly business class on a budget

Live the high life.

Azal Khan

Digital Journalist, Your Money

We all dream of travelling in style when flying to our holiday destinations.

It’s a luxury often limited to those prepared to fork out thousands of dollars for the best seats in the house.

But if you’re prepared to do some digging, you can find yourself a bargain and live the high life.

Travel journalist Nikolina Kharoufeh shared her tips on nabbing a bargain seat in coveted business class with Your Money Live.

Be flexible with your dates

Avoid busy times like public holidays and school holidays and be flexible with travel dates to ensure you can snap up the best price.

Price watch

“A lot of companies and airlines have apps at the moment which will notify you when a good price comes up,” Kharoufeh said.

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Bid for an upgrade

Airlines like Qantas, Etihad and Malaysian Airlines allow economy customers the chance to bid on any available business class seats about a week out from the flight.

“You do have the risk of not getting yourself a seat if they are all booked out, but if you really don’t mind being a bit risky and treating yourself, it’s a really good way to get a ticket.

Kharoufeh said you might be able to score an upgrade for as little as $200.

Join loyalty programs

Collect enough points in a rewards system and a business class seat will pay for itself.

Travel alone

Ditch the family and partner and travel alone, as the seats that typically go on sale in business class are single seats.

Watch the full video for a round-up of the airlines with the business class suites and the hottest travel deals right now.

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