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How to get a good deal on accommodation over summer

Tip: Avoid booking on nights Eminem is performing.

Australia loves its summer months, but as the weather starts to heat up, the price of accommodation moves up with it.

Over New Year’s Eve alone, a one-bedroom apartment in the CBD jumps from $180 to $500 on average per night, while a four-bedroom house jumps from $500 to $2,500.

So, whether you’re looking to book a room over the break or hoping to rent one out yourself, it pays to be prepared for the busiest time of the year.

To get a good deal over summer, Sky News travel presenter Nikolina Koevska told Your Money Live that travelers need to book rooms as soon as possible, compare prices between sites, travel in smaller groups and stay aware of the season’s big events.

Australia’s busiest time for accommodation is from November to March, but according to Koevsa, there are five key events that people should take special note of this summer:

New Year’s Eve

Australia is world-renowned for its New Year’s Eve celebrations, and crowds from around the world are particularly drawn to the major cities.

Expect to see the biggest cost spike in CBD accommodation as people try to get a view of the fireworks, while coastal areas such as Noosa, Byron Bay and the Mornington Peninsula are also countdown hot spots.

“It’s really popular to come to Australia for internationals because we’re one of the first countries to celebrate New Year’s Eve,” Koevska explained.

Mardi Gras

Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade and festivities are world renowned in the LGBT community the world over.

With 300,000 people on average celebrating the event, accommodation around the city’s CBD tends to spike over a three week period from February through to March.

Eminem performing

The American rapper Eminem is performing in February in Australia for the first time in five years, and the fans are already flocking.

Koevska said accommodation at the three venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have started booking out early, so if you plan to travel at that time, look for deals as soon as possible.

Gold Coast Magic Millions

The popular horse racing carnival draws crowds from around Australia to the Brisbane’s Gold Coast every January.

Because the event runs over 10 days, expect to see prices jump for at least two weeks straight.

The Australian Open

The first of the world’s four Grand Slam tennis tournaments takes place annually from mid-to-late January in Melbourne.

Hotel and Airbnb bookings will be high at that time near the venue at Melbourne Park and around the city’s CBD.

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