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Is a hotel breakfast worth the cost?

Or should you ditch the buffet option?

Senior Digital Journalist, Your Money

A hotel breakfast can be convenient when you’re traveling, but when it costs upwards of $25, is it really worth it?

The answer is usually a firm no, according to travel expert Rowena Ryan and associate editor of Escape.com.au.

“It’s rarely best value for choice when you’re paying at least $25 for a hotel breakfast. And we all know you can probably go around the corner and get your eggs on toast and coffee for under $20,” she told Your Money Live.

“Often those hotel deals include filtered coffee only, so for all us Aussies that love an espresso or flat white, you’re paying extra for that on top of your $25.”

Ryan says that hotel deals can even mislead customers when they offer to include the breakfast in the package.

“When you look more closely at it, it’s not. It’s usually another $35 or so.”

With most travel destinations offering cheaper food at cafes than at the hotels, the companies are essentially banking on the fact that travellers are going to be jet-lagged and might not know the language.

But it’s not all bad news, some websites and hotels do offer breakfast deals that won’t break the budget.

Ryan says most European hotels include the breakfast as part of the deal, although they tend to be a more simple meal than the typical buffet breakfast.

And holiday-makers might not realise it but it’s also possible to haggle for a good breakfast deal.

“Hotels are one of those places you can always strike a good deal. Especially if they’re not at full occupancy,” says Ryan.

Meanwhile, for frequent travellers, loyalty programs are also a great way to get a free breakfast.

“You just have to weigh up, look I’m spending all this money staying here. Is it worth it for the free breakfast or not?”

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