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Is this the end of $5 pizzas?

Here's how the drought is hurting Domino's Pizza

Speaking to Trading Day, Domino’s Pizza chief executive Don Meij revealed that the devastating Australian drought has inflated the price of key ingredients for the pizza maker, including flour, chicken and cheese.

“Cheese is traded in USD [and] there’s been a little bit of movement there for us,” Meij said.”It does take away a little bit of that upside for us that happened in this half.”

However Meij was quick to reassure that the impact of the extra costs on pizza prices would not be that significant.

Unveiling a future menu expansion at its annual general meeting on Thursday, Domino’s said the new prices were built into the 30 new recipes on their way.

“Much of this pricing will hit in late January for our stores. When we look at our new menu design, it’s all built into how we design these new products.”

Meij also announced the company would be launching a dating app in the Netherlands, saying at the company’s AGM that it would allow people to “bond over their shared love of pizza”.

Watch the full interview above for more.

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