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Meet the Aussie crowned ‘burger king’ by Uber Eats

When an addiction becomes a business.

Senior Digital Journalist, Your Money

Don’t you hate it when you’re in an unfamiliar neighbourhood and you’ve got no idea where the closest burger shop is?

One Aussie man knows how you feel, and he’s done something about it.

Kieran Warwick loves burgers so much that he was hailed by Uber Eats as the person to eat the most burgers — three a day — over a one year period.

“It’s an addiction,” he admitted to Your Money Live.

But it didn’t all go to the waistline. In addition to enjoying his favourite meal, Warwick was doing research for his new app The Burger Collective, which lets users locate the best burger in their vicinity.

“It’s the love of finding the next good burger,” he said. “There’re so many burger restaurants in Australia, there’s literally 3,000 plus now.”

Sometimes too much of a good thing can make it that much harder to sort the best from the rest.

And for the 45,000 plus burger aficionados using the app, it’s all about finding the perfect ‘one,’ dubbed the ‘unicorn’ within the burger community.

“Some of us think they exist, including myself… there are others out there who will never give a ‘unicorn,’ [rating]” he said.

After users locate and try out a burger in their area, they can leave a review and score to help others in their ultimate quest.

How does he get away with eating three burgers a day? “You’ve got to go to the gym,” admits Warwick.

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Watch the full interview in the video above.

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