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Meet the Perth medical start-up taking on global superbugs

Antibiotic resistance is now a global emergency.

Few might know it, but antibiotics could soon be rendered ineffective.

Big pharmaceutical companies haven’t developed a new kind of antibiotic in three decades – and it looks like the bugs have finally caught up.

As antibiotic resistant superbugs continue to mount, the medical industry says we’re now facing a global emergency.

Around 30 million people each year need antibiotics to fight bacterial infections – but for a quarter of people that end up in hospital with blood poisoning, it proves to be fatal.

“The medical profession has to face up to this. The world health organisation in recent years has said it’s reaching a very serious situation, and we have to face up to it and start trying to find solutions, now,” spinal injury physician David Bowers said.

Now a group of Perth scientists think they have an answer to the problem.

Newly-listed company Recce Pharmaceuticals says it has created a synthetic antibiotic that isn’t susceptible to resistance.

“Seeing that glorious golden solution go from lab bench to [a] fully automated product that’s ready to go into humans has been a remarkable journey,” Recce executive director James Graham said.

The company plans to have an intravenous synthetic antibiotic on the market by the end of 2022.

Your Money Live reporter Camille Bianchi reports in the video above.

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