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How one top chef went from cupcakes to pupcakes

Inside the burgeoning industry surrounding pet parties.

Household debt might be growing and wages are flat, but it seems the business of luxury dog products is booming.

Recent IBISWorld research shows we’re splashing out more than ever on our furry friends, even as we’re predicted to spend a whopping nine per cent less this Christmas on games and toys for humans.

And Jason Blachowski, founder and head chef of canine bakery Woof Gateaux, has the sales numbers to prove it.

Having spent 25 years as a chef in some of our top restaurants, Blachowski now bakes specialty dog cakes and other treats for pet owners that want their pooch’s big day to be ‘pawfect’.

With pet owners today throwing parties that rival even the most extravagant sweet sixteenth, Blachowski has seen profits double in the last six months from the year before.

Just eighteen months into the business, Blachowski has catered for all manner of pet celebrations, but it was a dog wedding that took the cake.

“I kind of paused and did a double take, what do you mean? They said, ‘our dogs are getting married.’ So, I said sure, and I came up with a three-tier wedding cake,” Blachowski explained.

The chef said that many of his customers are couples without kids who see their fur babies as their children.

“Why shouldn’t they be celebrated. Dogs have birthdays too. So, why shouldn’t they get a cake, have their friends over, put on a party hat and celebrate their day?” he asked.

The pupcakes, dough-mutts and multi-tiered masterpieces are made fresh to order and, of course, Instagram-ready.

And while they may look like your typical human cake, they’re made of dried liver, peanut butter, eggs, carrot, carob and topped with mashed potato icing.

“The customers buying the cakes take it very seriously. I got one complaint – a customer emailed and said the icing was too pink,” said Blachowski.

He didn’t have the heart to tell her that dogs are colour blind.

Watch the full segment by Your Money reporter Camille Bianchi in the video above.

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