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This is now our fastest-growing travel destination

Flights have never been cheaper.

Jack Derwin

Digital Journalist, Your Money

While Bali might be closer and Thailand might be cheaper, it is Japan that Australians are flocking to in droves.

The Land of the Rising Sun welcomed a record half a million Australians last year to its shores, becoming our fastest-growing holiday destination.

“Mainly it’s driven by cheap flights. You can get some really good deals there now especially with these low-cost airlines like Jetstar,” Escape associate editor Rowena Ryan told Your Money Live. “There’s a favourable exchange rate too.”

Beyond simply getting a great deal, Japan is truly a country with a lot to offer travellers.

“It’s got broad appeal. It’s not just the big city lights of Tokyo, you have Kyoto and the famous cherry blossom season. You’ve got skiing, you’ve probably heard of a lot of your friends going [and] they’re famous for their powder snow,” Ryan said.

Perhaps most surprisingly though is the following tidbit.

“Okinawa is constantly voted as having some of the world’s best beaches.”

Apart from the must-see Japanese destinations, however, there are a few things Australians should be mindful of when visiting.

Things to keep in mind before travelling to Japan
Things to keep in mind before travelling to Japan

“Download a few apps. Make sure you’ve got Google Translate on your phone. There’s a great subway app for when you’re riding the train called Hyperdia that translates everything for you,” Ryan advised.

“When you stay at your hotel grab a business card so you can just give that to the taxi driver and don’t get confused,” she added.

Given Japan is famous for its cultural politeness, it’s also important to be across its social etiquette.

“When it comes to cash and eating out, don’t tip,” Ryan said. “Unlike the States where they rely on it, it’s actually considered rude to tip.”

A little social etiquette goes a long way
A little social etiquette goes a long way

Watch the full video above for more tips and tricks. 

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