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Australia just spent $12 billion trying to find love

Romance has a hefty price tag.

Millions of Australians are looking for love, and we’re forking out big money in the process.

Australians spend just under $12 billion a year in the pursuit of love and around $80 on each date – with most of that cost going towards getting ready, according to a study by ING.

And some people are willing to invest thousands.

At Sydney’s School of Attraction, men pay upward of $4,000 for classes that teach them how to score a date and attract love.

“The majority of my clients have a lot of anxiety approaching women, so getting over that is probably the biggest hurdle for most guys,” says Denzel Jones, a dating coach at the school.

Sessions involve hours of training in skills such as the ability to approach someone and how to conduct banter.

And with more people than ever before searching for love online, the company’s most popular program is all about beating the algorithm on the popular dating app Tinder.

“There’s about an eight to one ratio of men to women on there. So if you’re not doing too well with your pictures, if the quality is not good, your bio isn’t good – you will see your ELO score – which is Tinder’s ranking system – drop quite a bit,” says Jones.

Watch the full segment by Your Money Live reporter Camille Bianchi in the video above.

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