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4 castles on the market right now

Live out your Game of Thrones fantasy.

Jack Derwin

Digital Journalist, Your Money

While its books and episodes might sit firmly in the fantasy genre, some of the Game of Thrones castles used in the show are not only real, they’re also available to buy or rent.

Nor are the asking prices for castle properties necessarily unrealistic.

“Some of them aren’t even that pricey,” Your Money real estate reporter Maddie Hale told Your Money Live.

To celebrate the imminent release of the final season of Game of ThronesYour Money Live took a look at different castles currently available.

Gosford Castle

On the market and with a price tag of just $886,000, for example, you could do worse than pick up Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland.

Fans of the show would recognise it as ‘River Run’.

“It was used as the Tully House…Rob Stark stayed here alongside his uncle during his plot to defeat the Lannisters,” Hale explained.

“The outside was used [in the show] and then it was also animated to make it look a lot bigger.”

Given you would struggle to get so much as a house for less than $900,000 in Sydney, the castle offers plenty of bang for your buck as well as ample history.

“It’s actually 15-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms, no heating, [but has] 10 reception areas. It was built in the mid-1800s and it was occupied by the Earls of Gosford until 1921. During World War II it was used to accommodate troops and prisoners of war,” Hale said.

Lombardy Castle

While not actually featured in the show, this Milan castle could certainly qualify, and for a cool $10 million could be yours to own.

“This is a little bit more expensive, surrounded by ten-hectares of grounds. It’s quite a majestic castle and it actually really does feel like a fairytale,” Hale said.

“There is a wooden-iron bridge that remains the same as it was made. there have been a few upgrades but they’ve managed to keep the medieval charm.”

Featuring a swimming pool, stables, a private chapel and even a private graveyard, this castle could be the perfect place to start your own dynasty.

Castello dei Lorena

For those who want the royal experience for just a weekend, there are rental options too.

Just three and a half hours away in the Tuscan countryside, you can stay grab this castle for $15,857 a week.

Castello dei Lorena from above (Image: Sothebys)
Castello dei Lorena from above (Image: Sothebys)

“It’s 13-bedrooms, 13-bathrooms, and it’s a beautiful beautiful home, lots of greenery, a huge pool [and] it’s right near the water – only 10-minutes from the Tuscan beaches and shops,” Hale said.

Once the former residence of nobility, it can sleep up to 26 people and includes all the necessary bells and whistles including a jacuzzi and rose garden.

Wilton Castle

Meanwhile back in Northern Ireland, an adequate rental alternative to Gosford Castle would be Wilton, at $1,575 per night.

Wilton Castle at dusk (Image: AirBnb)
Wilton Castle at dusk (Image: AirBnb)

Set on the banks of the Boro River, this Airbnb property is a sure fire way to impress your friends and family.

“It’s a 19th century home, fits 14 guests, seven bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms,” Hale said.

“It’s a bit more secluded than the Tuscany one but it’s a home away from home.”

Watch the full segment with reporter Maddie Hale above for more.

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