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Hottest outdoor design trends for 2019

"The outdoor as a canvas is so interesting."

Azal Khan

Digital Journalist, Your Money

While often forgotten when it comes to home design, the outdoor areas of homes can need as much if not more love.

Speaking to Auction Day, Tony Been, country manager of online platform Houzz, revealed the top trends that Australians and design professionals are looking for this year in outdoor design.

“The outdoor as a canvas is so interesting because you’ve got these different colour tones and colour palettes. And also the capacity to play with light and wind and environmental conditions.”

Despite the trends, Been says it’s important to find something “unique and bespoke to who you are”.

Webbing and interesting details

Intricate furniture items and woven materials are a trend that is not only practical for the outdoors but comfortable to use as well.

Mixed materials

Mixing materials allows you to bring elements of interior design into your outdoor space and create an environment reflective of your personality, Been says.

Low slung seating

“The professionals tell us that the popularity (of low slung seating) changes with age. So older people don’t like it slung back as much.”

“On this daybed, you can imagine yourself having something to eat, then easing back throughout the day, newspaper, radio on in the background and just having a little catnap in the sun.”

Chunky timbers

Timber allows the integration of mixed materials through different shades of wood to create warmth.

Just make sure you pick the right timber for your outdoor setting so that it withstands the conditions.

“What is interesting with timber, depending on where you place it, there are different levels of care required to make sure it can sustain the elements.”

Powder-coated aluminium

Powder-coated aluminium furniture is a great product for the Australian sun because it withstands the heat and sun.

“It gives the capacity to do something different. You can put in pops of colour, so neon pinks, blues, purples coming through.

“And its lightweight, easy to move around and fantastic for the elements,” Been said.

Modular sofas

This is one functional trend that can easily be transitioned from inside to out.

“Because of the calibre and quality of outdoor furniture, you see people picking outdoor items to place them inside as well.”


Grey is a popular colour but Been says the Hamptons trend shows no sign of slowing down.

“Outside the soft tones and neutral palette gives a lightness, a freshness and breeziness which is nice to be around.

“It also is a safe choice. You can have a core base of soft neutral tones, then the capacity to have scatter cushions, candles, accessories to really have your pops of colour that are easy to refresh over time,” Been said.

Sumptuous outdoor fabrics

It’s easier to find high quality fabrics in weatherproof material to create a relaxing and luxurious space to enjoy.

“There’s outdoor velvet now, there’s outdoor curtains. You’ve now got all these choices at your disposal to get really creative and get the feeling and experience of what you want.”

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