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How to deal with property when going through divorce

Buyer's agent shares her tips to make the transition easier.

A marriage breakdown is a difficult time in itself, but add property into the mix and it can become even harder.

What should you do when a divorce is looming and the market is softening?

Buyers agent Miriam Sandkuhler from Property Mavens spoke to Auction Day on navigating the complexity in property transactions during a relationship breakdown.

With emotions running high, animosity and imbalance in financial knowledge can create more challenges in the situation.

Sandkuhler’s top tips to sell in a weak market during a divorce are:

  • Don’t resist the market
  • The price depends on the buyer
  • Remove emotion
  • Listen to your agent’s advice
  • Don’t rely on your family lawyer or family and friends for property advice

Watch the full video for Sandkuhler’s tips and examples of when she has dealt and overcome with tricky situations.