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How to renovate an entire house for $15,000

Including a brand new kitchen.

Senior Digital Journalist, Your Money

Anyone that’s renovated a home will know that it can easily end up costing upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But according to interior designer Cherie Barber, founder of Renovating for Profit, there are a few simple strategies that can have you saving thousands.

Barber, who has recently renovated an entire house, including a new kitchen, for just $15,000, shared some of her top tips with Your Money Live.

Her project was a small low-cost two-bedroom brick home in desperate need of a make-over.

While rendering a home looks great, it can blow the budget. So, to keep costs low, Barber used a spray gun to quickly paint the exterior in under two days, turning its red brick to a cool grey.

Before shot of exterior
After shot of exterior

To create contrast and personality against the ash tone exterior, she went with a bright yellow feature door.

On the interior side, she painted the walls a bright blue shade with white trimming to give it a fresher, more modern appearance.

Before of living room
After of living room

“All of that white trim is giving that beautiful contrast, it’s an amazing job,” resident interior designer James Treble told Your Money Live.

Kitchens are often the priciest feature when it comes to renovating, and this home was in great want of a new one.

So to keep within costs of the project, Barber added blinds from Bunnings and used a low-budget flat pack kitchen, hiring a carpenter to professionally install it.

Kitchen before
Kitchen after

“That’s a really great way to get out of a kitchen on a budget,” she said.

Describing the original bathroom as a “Swedish sauna nightmare” she didn’t have it in the price range to pull it out, so she refreshed it by adding white paint over the tiles and wood.

Bathroom before
Bathroom after

Continuing with the sea-coloured theme into the bedrooms, she added off-the-shelf curtains and painted the walls similar blue-green tones.

Bedroom after

“This property isn’t going to win any design awards, we know that, but it looks so much better than before,” said Barber.

Watch the discussion in the video above.

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