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How to secure a rental property allowing pets

New laws might have a big impact on landlords and animal-loving tenants.

Azal Khan

Digital Journalist, Your Money

Sixty per cent of households own a pet, but finding a pet-friendly rental can be challenging.

Victoria recently delivered landmark legislation, banning the refusal of tenants based on their pets.

Property adviser Anna Porter of Sububanite shared her tips on securing the rental you want even if you have pets.

Porter has seen some landlords that have a blanket ban on pets, but works to reeducate them that tenants with pets can sometimes be the best tenants.

“It can actually be a benefit if you look at it the right way and make sure they are looking after the property,” she said.

“A third of the country are tenants, and in some areas we’ve got 40, 50, even 60 per cent of suburbs being tenants.”

Porter’s top tips to securing a rental with pets:

  • Offer to pay three to six months upfront
  • Offer a higher bond
  • Be professional
  • Offer a higher weekly rent
  • Prepare your references properly

Watch the full video for Porter’s tips and analysis of the different laws in Australia’s states for renting with pets.

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