Home Real Estate Solving your home’s biggest design dilemmas

Solving your home’s biggest design dilemmas

Does blue really go with everything?

The most common mistake people make in styling their home is lack of contrasting, according to Your Money’s resident interior designer.

Auction Day host James Treble joined Your Money Live to share his top tips for handling some of the most common home design dilemmas.

He said people are often too afraid to shake things up with a change in colour in the home.

“People get too scared and they play it too safe. They think, I’ll match the off-white or beige with the off-white or beige,” he said.

“The next thing you know, the floor, the walls and the ceiling are all the same colour.”

To get more design tips about features such as circular coffee tables, adding too many plants and plain corridors, watch the video above.

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