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What to do if your property is stalling on the market

And how a Ferrari might help.

Selling a property can be stressful at the best of times. But in the current market – with all the noise about declining prices in big cities – buyers are being choosier than ever, believing a better bargain might be just around the corner.

Speaking to Auction Day, award-winning Ray White agent Vivien Yap said that while sellers are struggling overall in the current market, those that are selling with ease have nailed a few common key elements.

The first relates to first impressions and the presentation of the property.

“Presentation is absolutely key to make sure we a get a good first impression,” Yap said.

However, in the digital media age, good marketing can be just as important as good presentation. Sellers should lean on their agents to implement successful social and traditional media campaigns, with the aim of bringing their property to the attention of wide and/or relevant audiences.

In one recent sale in Perth, Yap even enlisted the support of the owner, who brought his collection of Ferraris to the open home in a bid to woo sellers and increase the social media shareability.

But of course, not all sellers have a garage full of luxury Italian cars.

Watch the video above for more tips on how to ensure your property sells, with case-studies from the WA market.

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