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In partnership with ACS and River City Labs, RiverPitch puts 24 Australian start-ups in the spotlight and on the fast track to growth, with entrepreneurs from around the country competing to win the approval of mentors and judges and a grand prize worth $20,000.

Over the course of eight weeks, each contestant will work with an industry leader, mentoring them in perfecting their pitch, including:

  • Steve Baxter, investor and founder of Transition Level Investments, and former judge on Shark Tank Australia
  • Peter James, chairman of disruptive companies Droneshield, Nearmap, Aquabotix and Macquarie Telecom
  • Sheona Devin, executive director of VIANT Group, and successful founder

Once the contestants have made it through the first round, they’ll face the judges:

  • Yohan Ramasundara, President of ACS
  • Andrew Johnson, CEO of ACS
  • Siobhan Hayden, COO of HashChing

Join us each week as the judges evaluate each contestant's pitch to determine the viability of each product’s potential to scale, the market fit, and the entrepreneur’s passion to succeed.

Tune in at 7:30pm every Tuesday, watch our catch-up episodes and follow #RiverPitch on Twitter.

Tuesday March 12, 2019

RiverPitch Catch-up

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