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Beware the sly tactics agents and developers use to sell

     /      07:54
How to resist the snake oil.  

Pitfalls to avoid when buying a unit

     /      12:30
How this buyer's agent saved $50k for a unit buyer. 

How to deal with property when going through divorce

     /      11:21
Buyer's agent shares her tips to make the transition easier. 

Are we facing a real estate meltdown?

     /      14:12
Property investment adviser weighs in on the negative forecasts.  

How to negotiate like a buyer’s agent

     /      00:59
Buyer's agent Cate Bakos shares her insider's tips for haggling like a pro. 

3 top tips for buying at auction

     /      01:22
Buyer's agent tells Your Money the secret strategies to come out on top.  

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