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Why the franking credits system should be overhauled

     /      02:27
The status quo is "excessively generous", says fund manager Guarav Sodhi.  

Should baby boomers pay more tax?

     /      06:12
Multimillionaires can be considered "low-income" earners under the current rules.  

How Labor’s ‘franking credits’ ban would impact your portfolio

     /      13:43
Trading Day tackles one of the thornier issues of election 2019. 

How to make money under a Shorten government

     /      08:28
Will you be one of the big winners under Bill? 

Coles set for ASX listing after $20 billion spinoff

     /      10:08
Wesfarmers CEO called it the "largest demerger ever in Australian corporate history." 
Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said he has franking credits firmly on the chopping blockvideo

Labor won’t stand down on franking credits

     /      1:30
"That's not double taxation, it's zero taxation." 
Labor's proposal to abolish franking credits is finding plenty of opposition

Sentiment shifts on franking credits policy

Labor's position has again come under fire.  

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