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Why more house price falls and rising rents are on the way

     /      09:25
If Labor wins the next election 

7 common mistakes real estate investors make

And how you can avoid them. 

Why the housing downturn won’t derail the economy

     /      09:29
Our fears should lie elsewhere, says RBA governor Philip Lowe.  

Why Perth property is making a comeback

     /      15:34
Investors should be heading west. 

How to stop a flip becoming a flop

What to consider before renovating for sale.  

When will Brisbane house prices rise?

     /      13:12
Has Queensland's capital missed the memo? 

These suburbs have joined the $1 million club

     /      12:39
Places that defy the price slump. 

Sydney, Melbourne house price forecasts drop even lower

     /      06:52
"Sentiment around the property market has...deteriorated further." 

Bouris: Property crash talk is ‘alarmist’

     /      07:41
"It's just designed to get a headline." 

These metro property markets are ‘due to shine’

     /      14:03
Buyer's agent crunches the numbers on Australia's cities.  

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