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Westpac hit with class action for irresponsible lending

The bank has 'devastated us', say customers.  

Why a wave of loan defaults are about to hit the market

     /      08:02
As many as 1 in 4 just did in Melbourne. 

Here’s why chief execs are negative about the year ahead

     /      13:24
It's all doom and gloom from the top end of town.  

Would you borrow to fund private school fees?

     /      08:03
How one Aussie start-up is helping parents meet the staggering sums.  

Property panic sees interest-only loan restrictions relaxed

     /      02:42
"Ultimately housing prices have played a big part in this." 

NAB and ANZ face fiery shareholder meetings

     /      03:35
Here's what to expect from today's annual general meetings.  

Should ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ loans be legally binding?

     /      05:56
A new challenger bank is serious about parental finance.  

Are the banks a bargain or bad idea?

     /      04:35
This is what to expect from the big four in 2019. 
If our banks are propping up the Australian economy, changes following the royal commission threaten to bring it downvideo

Royal commission ‘could end badly for the economy’

     /      10:53
Destabilisation could derail 27 years of growth, banking analyst warns.  

Negative gearing changes are ‘bad economic policy’

     /      09:42
Finance Minister Mathias Cormann speaks to TICKY 

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Westpac hit with class action for irresponsible lending

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