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Beware the sly tactics agents and developers use to sell

     /      07:54
How to resist the snake oil.  

Negative gearing is shaping up as an election battleground

     /      01:21
Here's what you need to know. 

Could a Labor govt save Harvey Norman?

     /      11:51
Federal election could turn around big retail's fortunes. 

These metro property markets are ‘due to shine’

     /      14:03
Buyer's agent crunches the numbers on Australia's cities.  

What are the risks of buying off the plan?

     /      12:54
"It's the biggest segment of the market that loses money on re-sale" 

How to make money under a Shorten government

     /      08:28
Will you be one of the big winners under Bill? 
Shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh says the government is fear-mongering over changes to negative gearingvideo

Labor slams ‘tired scare campaign’ on negative gearing

"This is a tired scare campaign by an exhausted government." 
Mark Bouris says negative gearing should be taken off the table as an election issuevideo

Bouris: who does negative gearing really help?

     /      6:51
First home buyers or big property investors?  
AMP economist Shane Oliver says there's a big risk property investors "run for the hills".video

RBA won’t ‘rescue housing market’ this time

There's a big risk that property investors "run for the hills", sending prices plummeting.  

How would Labor’s negative gearing changes affect you?

     /      02:34
With house prices now falling, what impacts could Labor's proposals have on investors and homeowners? 

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