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What an alternative Labor government would look like

     /      06:01
Bill Shorten kicks off Opposition's election campaign.  

Why the property slump could cost Labor the election

     /      08:48
All eyes on housing prices and policies.  

Australian house prices at their weakest since 2008

The decline in investor numbers has led to a buyer’s market. 

Labor just set a date for negative gearing changes

     /      00:28
Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen stands firm on controversial policy.  

Why more house price falls and rising rents are on the way

     /      09:25
If Labor wins the next election 

Meriton boss answers your property questions

     /      1:56
Veteran developer talks falling prices. 

Beware the sly tactics agents and developers use to sell

     /      07:54
How to resist the snake oil.  

Negative gearing is shaping up as an election battleground

     /      01:21
Here's what you need to know. 

Could a Labor govt save Harvey Norman?

     /      11:51
Federal election could turn around big retail's fortunes. 

These metro property markets are ‘due to shine’

     /      14:03
Buyer's agent crunches the numbers on Australia's cities.  

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