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Investors now ‘scared of housing market’

     /      06:07
Latest home loan approval data sparks concern.  

10 growth suburbs defying the property slump

     /      11:17
The areas that are bucking the trend. 

Is the Chinese love affair with Australian real estate over?

     /      08:34
Chinese buyers spent less in 2018 than previously. What about 2019? 

Here’s the secret to boosting rental income

     /      15:14
Banning pets and ripping off tenants ain't it. 

Here’s why property investors are being squeezed out

     /      10:27
Lowest activity since 1983.  

These are Australia’s most overrated suburbs

     /      11:00
The best suburbs aren't always the best buys. 

3 investment property myths busted

     /      06.02
Suburbanite's Anna Porter speaks to Your Money Live.  

Is this the riskiest type of property investment?

     /      03.22
You'll want to be careful before buying this type of property. 

Are we facing a real estate meltdown?

     /      14:12
Property investment adviser weighs in on the negative forecasts.  
178,000 Australians have invested in timeshare opportunities

Is timeshare investing worth the free breakfast?

Are timeshare investments a great way to get an affordable annual holiday, a scam or a massive money pit? Here's what one expert thinks. If... 

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