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How to rescue a renovation gone bad

     /      10:08
And what to look for when buying or renovating. 

7 common mistakes real estate investors make

And how you can avoid them. 

How to add value to your property through renovation

     /      11:48
Is it time to get out the paint brushes? 

Simple tricks to refresh a kitchen

     /      08:49
Add the wow factor without breaking the bank. 

Meet the Aussies renovating a French castle

     /      06:15
C'est Magnifique. 

Peek inside Julie Bishop’s luxury former estate

     /      01:16
Stained-glass windows, chandeliers, sprawling gardens and a pool welcomed the foreign minister home from travels.  

Renovations on the rise as house prices decline

Rising house prices means homeowners are improving what they already own. 

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