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Here’s why this Christmas was the worst in years for retail

     /      07:34
Aussies just weren't buying it, says Deutsche Bank. 

Online shopping delivers bumper retail sales figures

     /      09:44
But the ever-popular avocado may be a symbol of stormy skies ahead. 

How this Aussie retailer survived Amazon and ASIC

     /      09:13
Booktopia just won't say die.  

Hacks to keep your Christmas spending down

     /      04:27
Don't max out your credit cards and keep your spending in check with these simple tips. 

Aussies spending more on their fur babies this Christmas

     /      05:29
Are you buying your furry friend a gift this Christmas? 

Here’s what Aussies are buying this Christmas

It's the thought that counts, right? 
Amazon Australia is yet to make a huge impact on retailers (iStock.com/kasinv)video

Has Amazon Australia been an utter flop?

     /      08:46
One year on, rumours of its success seem wildly exaggerated.  
Snooper might be a dream come true for shopaholicsvideo

Want to get paid to shop? Here’s how you do it

     /      7:46
This is not a drill. 

How to earn a six-figure income reselling sneakers

     /      03:32
One pair can cost $13,000. 

Mutiny at Myer but board survives

     /      5:04
The board has avoided walking the plank for now.  

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