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How these Instagram influencers built a fitness movement

     /      10:20
Meet the models turned entrepreneurs behind Keep It Cleaner. 

Have the social media giants lost control?

     /      11:10
Christchurch terror attack re-ignites calls for regulation.  

How this start-up uses data to rethink city planning

     /      08:15
Meet the entrepreneur that wowed RiverPitch judge¬†Sheona Devin. 

Why Facebook and the traditional media are ‘frenemies’

     /      09:24
Olive branch or cynical distraction?  

Why two iconic Aussie brands just switched ads

     /      08:56
Inside the dark marketing arts making beers and burgers better. 

Why Kendall Jenner’s ‘failed’ acne reveal was a brand win

     /      06:03
Ad man Adam Ferrier weighs in on the latest social media scandal.  

Facebook shares plummet as fresh data concerns uncovered

     /      02:29
New York Times reveals social media giants gained access to private messages 
Josh Horner sells houses with his dance movesvideo

From Broadway to Tuggerah: How the dancing agent sells houses

     /      12:15
Proving there's no business like show business.  

Facebook wades into ‘tsunami of bad news’

     /      10:08
Former Aussie CEO tells Your Money Live the company has been naive.  
Social media giants are under fire for hosting 'fake ads'video

Social media giants need to ‘take responsibility’

     /      1:31
Tech companies need to be held accountable for content published on social media platforms, says Your Money board member and Nine CEO Hugh Marks.  

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