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Why it’s time to look beyond stocks

Asset allocation has never been more important, writes Your Money's James Daggar-Nickson. 

Are you an investment daredevil?

     /      14:49
Here's how to work out your risk profile. 

How this Aussie fund manager’s ‘big China bet’ backfired

     /      02:17
Another casualty of the trade war.  

ASX closes flat amid major volatility

     /      01:45
But "there’s still some life in the old girl just yet." 

ASX recovers half of October losses

     /      01:15
Has volatility given way to stability?  

Why market volatility doesn’t matter

Volatility is a test that calm, long-term investors will pass with flying colours.  

ASX closes up following Wall Street rally

     /      01:01
The S&P/ASX200 has finished up 1.18 per cent to 5,939.10 following similar positive momentum in the US share market overnight. 
Investors will be looking to take on less risk as equity volatility growsvideo

Stock market ‘not the only game in town’

     /      1:10
Investors should be able to soon take on "a hell of a lot less risk". 

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