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Why we’re putting your money first

There’s never been a more important time to get engaged with your own finances and start growing, protecting and enjoying your wealth.

Aleks Vickovich

Digital Editor, Your Money

Brooke Corte, Chris Kohler and Ticky
Your Money presenters Brooke Corte, Chris Kohler and Ticky Fullerton.

Australia is often described as the ‘lucky country’.

For the past quarter of a century, our country has enjoyed consecutive years of economic growth while many of our friends abroad have been mired in stagnation and recession.

Our physical geography – while challenging and sometimes dangerous – offers ample opportunity for health, wellness and an oceanside lifestyle that makes it easy to block out long-term goals and to-do list items and focus on living the good life.

And our compulsory superannuation system means our retirement is out of sight and out of mind, most of us sleeping soundly in the assumption that someone else is looking after our assets.

All of this leads to a characteristically Australian nonchalance when it comes to our personal finances.

That laidback attitude is often a positive and has come to define us. But it can also make us complacent, lazy and susceptible to harm.

Our household debt to income ratio is at almost 200 per cent, meaning we owe almost twice as much as we earn, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures.

And the evidence uncovered by the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry so far suggests some of those tasked with safeguarding our nest eggs have been ripping us off – bribing and defrauding their way to profitability while our heads were in the sand.

Your Money has been established against this backdrop. We know that many Australians want to be empowered and engaged with their own finances, but lack the time, knowledge or confidence to lean into this important part of their lives.

Our team of experienced business journalists – on air and online – will put your money first and help you grow and protect your wealth, bringing you all of the news, know-how, tips and tactics to make sense of a complex and sometimes unscrupulous financial system.

But we also want you to enjoy your wealth and fulfil your broader aspirations for happiness and wellbeing, not just become richer.

Each night at 5pm, Ticky Fullerton will interview our political and business leaders and get the answers you deserve, while from 6pm, Brooke Corte and Chris Kohler will host inspirational chats to help you reach your personal and household financial goals on Your Money Live.

Throughout the day, expert hosts and commentators Adam Creighton, Leanne Jones, Ingrid Willinge and James Daggar-Nickson will offer a hard-hitting rundown of markets so you can turn the news cycle into trading success.

And around the clock this website will feature wide-ranging, informative and entertaining coverage of business, wealth, real estate and lifestyle topics.

Consumer advocacy is in our DNA. We won’t be afraid to call it like it is and hold service providers to account where necessary.

But we also want to provide you with the tools to build your own financial futures, rather than just scaring you into tuning out of the financial system and stacking money under the bed. So we will be highlighting some of the more trustworthy and innovative offers and strategies in the market, to help you on that journey.

The royal commission has confirmed some serious challenges in the financial system – but nothing a healthy dose of sunlight, an engaged and enthused consumer base and some high-quality TV and digital journalism can’t fix.

From 1 October, we’ll be putting your money and your goals first.

We reckon it’s time you did too.

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